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Company analysis

If a pure credit rating report is not sufficient, we also offer a comprehensive company analysis.  It represents the ideal product to generate far-reaching insights into the status of your business in relation to profitability, assets, and finances.

A company analysis includes the following components:

  • Analysis of the economic situation
  • Balance sheet and income variance analysis compared to the previous year
  • Ratio analysis of balance sheet and profit and loss statement
  • Cash flow statement based on DRS (German Accounting Standards)
  • Standard reports prepared and presented in a graphical format
  • Creation of a PowerPoint presentation setting out the economic situation
  • Information relating to the probability of insolvency over the last few years
  • Insolvency forecast using the Leker method
  • Extensive, detailed report into the economic situation
  • Support in preparing for a credit rating
  • Analysis of the situation from six German lenders
  • Online submission of final data to German lenders
  • Bank rating report.