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Non-profit organisations

Non-profit organisations (“NPOs”) are an integral part of our society.  Primarily charities and community associations undertake a variety of activities on behalf of a number of areas of society, such as promoting science, art, sport, and education.  They regularly seek recognition as providing a social benefit, as this allows them to solicit donations.  In Berlin in particular, political representation via professional associations plays an important role.

Due to special requirements of the law governing non-profit organisations, the tax regulations for professional bodies and the requirements of the IDW in relation to the accounts prepared by or on behalf of organisations that collect donations mean that non-profits require targeted, specialist advice.  Due to our many years of experience, we have access to extensive know-how covering all aspects of tax law as it applies to non-profit organisations, including the specific requirements that apply to professional bodies and in relation to auditing of community organisations and charities.

We work with our clients in Berlin and Brandenburg to create the optimum structure to reflect their activities and priorities, and support them in their daily activities in dealing with their specific taxation issues.

An overview of our services:

  • Annual audit and preparation of the year-end financial statement
  • Audit and preparation of reports into their asset status and income/expenditure accounts
  • Tax advice, having regard to the specific regulations that apply to non-profit organisations
  • Support in relation to organisational structure and establishment
  • Advice and consultancy in relation to the formation of sponsorship contracts
  • Advice and optimisation in relation to the VAT impact of economic activity
  • Preparation of tax returns and use of funds accounts
  • Financial and payroll accounting.