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Business consultancy

As an entrepreneur, your role is to implement new ideas with energy and flexibility.  Your goal is to open up new markets and win business in existing ones.  With our entrepreneurial know-how, we’ll support you as you work to secure the success of your business.

Our consultancy service includes:

  • Start-up advice, such as planning for locations, organisational structure, financial advice, and investment planning.
  • Company valuations at key milestones such as sale or purchase price, severance payments to departing shareholders, and disputes over business assets
  • Support in choosing the right legal structure as well as creating partnership agreements, taking tax and managerial issues into account
  • Operational, financial and liquidity planning as well as support in negotiating for credit and with your bank
  • Business succession planning and management buy outs
  • Economic and fiscal analysis of real estate and investments
  • Rating and business analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

Credit ratings

Many businesses are reluctant to face up to the topic of credit ratings, for a wide variety of reasons.  This could be due to cost, a lack of time, or based on the assumption that credit ratings only make a difference when trying to set up major credit facilities.

The fact is, however, that additional national requirements apply to banks that then flow down to their customers, in particular the requirement to publish economic status in line with § 18 of the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz) and the minimum credit business requirements in accordance with § 25a KWG, which came into force on 1 July 2004.

The credit rating does not change the quality of your business, but it is however a valuable opportunity to consider your own business from an analytical perspective.

Rating reports

Our rating report provide you with the optimal opportunity to prepare for a discussion around the topic of credit.  Strengths and weaknesses relative to balance sheet ratios and return on investment quickly become apparent and, with suitable discussion, can be used as the basis for arguing your case.

Rating reports include:

  • Information about the probability of insolvency over the last few years
  • A value representing the calculated probability of insolvency, developed through a collaboration between DATEV Eg AND Professor Leker of the University of Münster
  • A brief analysis of the profitability, financial position and assets of your business
  • Information showing key statistics relating to your business’s position
  • Reformulation of your data from a bank’s perspective
  • A brief overview of qualitative factors and carefully prepared, relevant, and graphically illustrated analysis.

Of course, a planned discussion around credit with a bank is not a prerequisite for the preparation of a rating report.  It is also ideal for the purposes of internal reporting on the business; you can use the report as the basis for discussion at shareholders’ meetings, as the basis for a strategy planning session with the management team and shareholders, for financial control purposes, or as a decision making tool.

Company analysis

If a pure credit rating report is not sufficient, we also offer a comprehensive company analysis.  It represents the ideal product to generate far-reaching insights into the status of your business in relation to profitability, assets, and finances.

A company analysis includes the following components:

  • Analysis of the economic situation
  • Balance sheet and income variance analysis compared to the previous year
  • Ratio analysis of balance sheet and profit and loss statement
  • Cash flow statement based on DRS (German Accounting Standards)
  • Standard reports prepared and presented in a graphical format
  • Creation of a PowerPoint presentation setting out the economic situation
  • Information relating to the probability of insolvency over the last few years
  • Insolvency forecast using the Leker method
  • Extensive, detailed report into the economic situation
  • Support in preparing for a credit rating
  • Analysis of the situation from six German lenders
  • Online submission of final data to German lenders
  • Bank rating report.

Business planning

An existing business plan is a key component of a credit rating.  Aside from that, a business plan can also faDbe key in ensuring the future survival of your business.

We provide you with support, working alongside you throughout the process of analysing and creating a plan.  Taking all the business’s circumstances into consideration, we set out the development of your business’s profitability and changes in its asset and capital structure over a planning period of up to five years.

The result is a jointly conceived business plan with medium-term targets for income and financial planning that allows you to assess your short-term liquidity needs and manage the business accordingly.

1. Business planning with a pure business focus

Here only hard facts matter: cost accounting, financial planning and an exclusive focus on getting down to business.

2. Business planning for practitioners

There’s no need to spend four years studying business management to make your business a success.  In contrast to our purely business-focused business planning service, you will be provided with a catalogue of questions and numerous practical examples to allow us to support you as you draw out the “soft facts” to help you get closer to your goals.

With creative ideas and proposals, you can position yourself successfully in relation to your competition, and performance and financial planning acts as the benchmark that makes it possible for you to measure your success.