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As experienced tax advisors, auditors and business consultants, we provide our services to medium-sized enterprises in a range of sectors throughout the Berlin and Brandenburg regions.  In addition, we maintain good relationships with banks and other funders.

Many of our clients, for whom we have generally acted for several years, form part of the Mittelstand – the medium-sized enterprises that are known as Germany’s economic powerhouse.  The term Mittelstand applies to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that can be described as follows:

* Under the quantities definition of the IfM (the Bonn-based Institute for Mittelstand Research), small enterprises are those that employ fewer than ten people and have an annual turnover below one million euro.  Medium-sized enterprises are those with fewer than 500 employees with annual turnover of less than 50 million euro.

* Qualitatively defined, the Mittelstand includes enterprises that are run by family members of the owners and who are therefore liable for the business’s decisions.

These enterprises in particular have experienced a growth in the importance of financial and business skills!  In addition, the last economic crisis demonstrated that a solid financial footing, combined with the right asset mix and professional budgeting and control are decisive factors in ensuring that businesses remain competitive and therefore continue to exist.

We have particular expertise and experience in the following sectors: