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Skilled trades

The skilled trades in Germany include around 1,000,000 enterprises, employing around 5,000,000 people (as at 2013, source: ZDH) who work in 41 business areas that require registration, 53 business areas that require no specific registration, and 57 craft-related business areas.

Many skilled tradespeople in Berlin and Brandenburg work in the construction sector, such as bricklayers, painters, electricians, roofers, fitters, tillers and carpenters who work in small and medium-sized enterprises.  The majority of businesses (over 90%) employ fewer than 20 people.

Providing tax and business advice to skilled trade businesses in the Mittelstand is one of our practice’s particular specialities.  Our experienced employees work as auditors, accountants and tax advisors to provide a range of solutions to the skilled trades sector, including:

  • Installation, operation and monitoring of accounting systems including preparation of accounts and financial statements
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns of all kinds, tax planning strategies and expert support during tax audits
  • Economic analysis of financial indicators and development of measures to increase profitability
  • Advice to entrepreneurs and skilled tradespeople who are looking to engage in succession planning for their business.

With increasing market liberalisation, topics such as taxation, cost control, and financing, are becoming increasingly important for businesses in the skilled trades and craft sectors.

We will be delighted to start working with you by carrying out a thorough assessment of your options for structuring your business to optimise your tax and commercial positions.