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Tax advice

Your accounts are in good hands with us!  We will proactively provide flexible support in preparing your ongoing accounts, create your financial statements, and in addition provide you with advice in relation to all aspects of tax.

Financial accounting

Our core services are as follows:

  • Financial accounting and payroll;
  • Creation of financial statements and tax returns;
  • Advice in relation to all aspects of tax (including planning and implementation)

In addition, we can choose individual financial accounting services on an ad hoc basis or select from one of three different packages:

Accounting Package 1 – Basic Financial Accounting
Accounting Package 2 – Business Financial Accounting
Accounting Package 3 – Financial Accounting First

Payroll services

Payroll accounting services include the accurate calculation of pay amounts as well as the timely provision of monthly documentation to tax and social security authorities.

We also offer additional services upon request, including more in-depth analysis, applications for wage replacement benefits and documentation for professional associations and other institutions.

By linking payroll accounts to the online banking systems of the various credit institutions, we also support you in setting up paperless payment transactions.

Occupational pensions

Reforms to social provisions over the last few years have also led to severe cuts to the statutory pension scheme.  In addition to private pensions, occupational pensions have become an important means to bridge future gaps in retirement provision.

The legal requirement to provide occupational pensions, which has been in place since 2002, is largely implemented in larger enterprises, but smaller and medium-sized enterprises are still lagging behind in the requirements.

By collaborating with specialist pension providers, we create appropriate, sustainable solutions that represent a financially advantageous outcome for you and your employees alike.

Optimisation of personnel costs

We use the “cost-plus method” to optimise your personnel costs, reducing your expenses while potentially increasing your employees’ net remuneration.

Financial statements

The annual financial statement not only forms the basis for the calculation of tax liabilities; it is also important for shareholders and funders such as banks, as well as being essential as a tool for management accounting and business decisions and providing an insightful basis for consultancy covering business management and tax solutions.

We offer the following services:

  • Profit and loss accounting
  • Tax accounting
  • Published balance sheets
  • Balance sheets to IFRS

Our financial statements comply with all requirements under commercial and tax law, as well as those imposed by credit institutes (such as cash flow statements under the German Accounting Standard II) and the Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants.

Tax returns

We provide legally compliant tax returns, with no ifs and buts.  Of course, tax law is not just black and right, and where tax law allows us to take a more favourable approach, we will do so to your advantage.

We further guarantee that you will not pay any more tax than necessary.  This applies both to business tax returns as well as income tax returns for clients who are not deemed to be entrepreneurially active.  We also provide returns for inheritance tax and gift tax purposes.

Tax advice

Our tax advisory services cover all tax-relevant aspects for companies, freelancers and the self-employed, as well as private individuals.

In relation to companies, freelancers and the self-employed, we provider particular tax solutions in conjunction with:

  • The choice of legal structure (including British limited companies);
  • Preparation and implementation of business transformations (business/asset sales and spin-offs, mergers, and changes in legal form)
  • Business succession plans
  • Consumption-related tax advice (mineral oil tax, beer tax, electricity tax)
  • External tax audits
  • Representation before tax courts
  • Defence in criminal tax cases via our partners.

In relation to private individuals, our advice mainly focuses on planning around investment tax, inheritance tax, and gift tax.