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What does an initial consultation entail, and how should I prepare for one?

The initial consultation is when we review the content of the particular case and make an initial financial or tax-related assessment. You should bring with you all the documents that relate to the matter that is to be assessed.

Is there anything I need to bear in mind, if I want to change my tax advisor or auditor?

You should check whether or not you are contractually bound to your current advisor for a certain period of time. You might want to check that all outstanding invoices have been settled so that there is no delay in handing over the documentation. It is usually very easy to make this change.

What documents and information do I need for a first appointment?

That depends on the proposed scope of the meeting. If it is an introductory meeting just to get to know each other, then you will only need to bring information on your financial status (type and level of income; description of any particular tax issues).

How can I make an appointment?

You can set up an appointment by telephone or via our website.

How does our collaboration work, if I ask you to take care of my accounts?

We can do this in the traditional way on paper (by sending a monthly file back and forth) but we also recommend a digital option that uses information entered by you via your computer (online business). Your information is always avaialble to you, and nothing can get lost in the post.

How does our collaboration work, if I complete my own accounts, but then the annual return is prepared by you?

If you want to complete your own monthly accounts, then our service builds on the records that you make. We show you what is allowable by law, and what your options are, and we follow your directions within those parameters. We are finding that we rely more and more upon a digital exchange of information and documents.

What software can I use, and what options do I have for exchanging accounts information with you?

As long as your software has a DATEV interface, there is usually no problem integrating our data. If your software doesn’t have this interface, we can integrate your data via CSV files or using the ASCII format.

Are your shareholders in a constant state of conflict?

We can add an objective approach, build trust, and reach sustainable solutions.

Are you in need of a highly qualified advisor who can help you to carry out a cost-benefit analysis to reach strategic decisions?

We’d like to suggest ourselves as an experienced and trustworthy business partner.

Have you damaged your relationship with your bank?

We understand the banks’ requirements, and how you can restore your financial standing.

Do you suspect that your managers are lining their own pockets?

We have access to techniques that shed light on this behaviour and can demonstrate enduring ways to solve the problem.

Are you unclear on how to plan for the appointment of your own successor?

We will work with you and our partners to create future-proof concepts to avoid conflict.