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Retail and wholesale businesses

Retail is one of the most important sectors of the German economy.  Around a quarter of all businesses are involved in retail sales and wholesaling and, just like us, most businesses in the retail sector form part of the Mittelstand.

Our services covering all aspects of tax consultancy, accounting and business consultancy suit the needs of medium-sized enterprises in this sector.  Many retailers and wholesalers from the Berlin metropolitan region and neighbouring Brandenburg already understand how valuable that is, having already placed their trust in our experience and knowledge as tax advisors and auditors for several years!

Our clients come from both major sectors:

  • Retail to individual customers covers around 400,000 businesses with a combined turnover of around 450 billion euro (as at 2014, source: HDE), making it the third largest sector of the German economy.  Retailers include discounters, specialist retailers, supermarkets and department stores.
  • Wholesaling turns over 1.1 trillion euro per year (as at 2013, source: DIHK) which makes it Germany’s second largest sector, behind manufacturing, as well as serving as the link between producers and retailers.  Industrial goods, goods for the construction sector, and consumer goods are all traded via the wholesale sector.

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