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Agencies in the creative sector

Berlin and Brandenburg have developed into a popular location for a number of creative firms and agencies.  Especially over the last two decades, young creatives in the sectors of digital media, film, TV, radio, music, fashion, art, galleries and advertising have settled here and thrived.

Tax advice for employees and freelancers

Creativity often benefits from an atmosphere of constant inspiration – and often, that inspiration is a pre-requisite.  In this context, it is often the case that expenses for private lifestyle spending and business activities are not easily distinguishable, which means that specialist tax advice can often be worthwhile.

The extent to which expenses, incurred by an art director, picture editor, journalist, designer (whether sound and image or digital and print) or magazine editor, are tax deductible depends on the nature of the profession.

The ability to deduct expenditure from income as a business expense as an employee is mostly much more restricted than the deduction of expenses by freelancers or the self-employed, although it may be possible in individual cases.

We can support you in finding the optimal tax approach for you!

Production firms in the media sector

We can support your company even before it is legally established!  Our services include advice on legal aspects, with particular regard to issues around taxation and limitation of liability, the choice of legal form, as well as advice and assistance with regard to taxation.

For companies backed by shares, in the form of a GmbH (a limited liability company) or an AG (a company with more onerous governance requirements, in which shares may be traded) we will be happy to undertake a complete range of accountancy services, including the preparation of year-end financial statements and the submission of corporate tax returns and VAT returns.

We are also happy to prepare year-end financial statements, business tax returns, income tax returns and VAT returns for sole traders and partnerships.

If you are not required to maintain a set of accounts, we will also be happy to handle the calculation of your profits in the form of revenue/surplus accounting and creation of your tax returns.